Show and Tell its been nearly 8 months since i had my braces re-attached to my face. I thought i would give you guys a bit of a photo update even though not allot has changed. The space between my jaws is bigger now and you can really start to tell that the midlines of the centre of the jaws is off. Im back to the ortho on Jan 4th and then to the surgeon. I only have one wire to go on my lower jaw and 2 more for the top. Hope everyone is doing well xxx


Makay said...

I think the reason my bite looks more noticable than yours is because of my stinkin' open bite. ugh. I hate it! And my front teeth are doing the same thing! haha! I am afraid that they are going to have a super big gap, but my ortho assured me it is fine. :)
Love and Support Always, Makay

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