Whats the next step

Ok so this is the next few things to follow.
On Monday the 9th of march im getting my bottom wisdom teeth out as they serve no purpose. Waste of space actually. So after that, i have my surgeons appointment on the 12th of march to discuss how they will slice and dice my jaw.
My orthodontist recommends only my top jaw is to have surgery to bring it forward. My bottom jaw is apparently in the right place. Who knew?
Now, after all the ripping of teeth and consults, i should have braces on in April and my surgery is estimated to be around December 09. So only in a few months.
I only have to have braces for a little while as i only had braces around 5 years ago on my upper jaw. So all they have to do is correct my bottom teeth (which never had braces before) so that my teeth will align properly.
I'm very sorry i haven't posted any pics yet, i have been crazy busy. I will do very soon though.
Though, i will add another pic so u can see how my bottom jaw protrudes further then my top :)