Final wires!

Merry xmas and a happy new year bloggers!!!! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday with their loved ones and enjoyed the festivities. I know i did :)
Some great news to report. My teeth are moving nicely and i now have the final wire on my bottom teeth. I have 2 further wires on the top but then im DONE!!! Yay!!!! I have been given the go ahead to go back to the surgeon and he will be calling me next week with my surgery date. SO exciting. I cant believe that i have had these braces on for 8 months already. It really dosent seem to have been that long.

I have updates my pictures so you can see my bite now. No big changes except everything is that tiny bit straighter. Most of the movement is going on in my back molars and getting them all lined up. I have a tiny gap in between the front two teeth that the ortho is going to fix next time. I honestly didnt think that gap as a problem but he is going to make everything perfect. So they will be "shaving" in betweeen my front teeth so the braces can move them together and eliminate the gap. Something to look forward to on the 15th Feb :P