Brace Face

Ooohhh how i dont miss having braces. I finally got re-braced last week and am now enjoying the pleasures of metal in the mouth. I have the clear brackets on the top and metal on the bottom so they are less noticeable. So far so good. I have already broken one bracket on the weekend (oops) but thats because the orthodontist placed it too low on the tooth. I thought i had done something wrong as i was on a wine cruise at that time and couldnt tell you what i did let alone how the bracket broke ha ha. But now i have a band that has come off so im forever at the moment returning to the orthodontists. How many months of this to go? :)

Nothing new to report in terms of surgery. At the moment we are just aligning the teeth for my new bite and playing the waiting game. In other news though i have bought a house (yay) and im moving in at the end of May which is scary but exciting at the same time. But im moving in with my gorgeous friend Ailsa who is beautiful in every respect and who i know will be so supportive.
Until then, i hope everyone is enjoying their journey and that its not too bumpy :)
Hello all!!! Today i have had the separators placed between my molars ready for my braces to go on Thursday. I have a very big feeling of de ja vu with all the metal rings and such the second time round :)
I have been given my quote by the maxillofacial surgeon and now im going through the process of getting my insurances to cover me. I think this may take a while. How has everyone else gone with their insurance companies? Medicare can cover me due to the misaligned bite but my private health is much more restrictive with what money they give out! Grrrrrrrr.
But overall im feeling quite apprehensive about this new journey and exicted but nervous. Bit of a mix really. But i must say, having these blogs with people who have gone through the same procedures is such a massive help.
Ok so i have attached my preliminary photos so you can get an idea of my bite. As you can see, i have an underbite with a cross bite at the back. My bite will get progressively worse over the coming few months and ill document this as much as possible.