Hi guys,
Well i have spent allot of time lately reviewing what benefits i will be getting from private health insurance. I changed into the specialist plan in Feb 08, just incase there were any problems and all i have had from my insuarnce is headaches. Today im feeling quite fed up and just over it all. I hate the fact that people get insuarnce (i have had private health for 5 years) and when it comes to actually needing it for medical purposes, you get slapped in the face. Grrrrr....

Well now that my grumble is over, i get spacers in this Thursday! Yay. New metal rings on the my back molars on Monday and then its just a waiting game. I felt quite self concious last week about the gap between the jaws at the front. I had a consult meeting for work with new clients last Friday and all they seemed to do was look at my teeth. I had to laugh. That was my only option or let it get to me. Usually im pretty thick skinned and i just let things pass. Just think of the end results and that makes everything better :)

I did a very silly thing also last week and that was go onto You Tube and see corrective jaw surgery videos. Ha ha ha. You know when your just really really curious about something and you have to look, even though you KNOW your not going to like what you see. Well yeah. I looked and had a mild heart attack. I think i have learnt my lesson and realise that ignorance IS bliss :)

Finally coming together

I have posted up my most recent photos of my smile. I can notice that my bottom teeth are allot straighter and all my top teeth are fine. My ortho is going to be putting on metal brackets on the 1st of August to align my very back top molars and after that, im done :)
Yay yay. Then its organizing a date for surgery and getting it over and done with.
I must say, i haven't allowed myself to think about the surgery too much to avoid a major freakout. But as scary as it is and will be, the end results will be worth it :)
Cant wait
Goodluck to everyone coming up to surgery dates.....were all together in this

Wired smile

Update time.
Had another ortho visit a few days ago and everything is well on track. I however, continue to break the back brace off my tooth so im going to need spacers again and 2 additional metal bands put on. (I honestly think that the spacers are the WORST part of braces but anyway).
Most of my front teeth are straight and the main part is to now straighten 2 back molars. After that, it will be a waiting game.
Im finding it quite hard to talk fluently now whilst having a gap between my jaws. Makes conversations quite interesting ha ha. Especially when you have a blister developing on the underside of your top lip and you try avioiding contact with it when you speak. Makes you look pretty funny when you talk ha ha ha.
Hope all is well for any of you reading. I should post more interesting stuff but im having too much fun reading everyone elses blogs :)