What a weekend

Morning everyone.
Well what a weekend i had! An excellent pub crawl on Saturday night was something well needed. Good mates, good times and lots of fun.
In regards to the teeth, my next checkup with the orthodontist is on the 8th of September. I have my back 2 molars on my upper jaw that need to move into position and then im done and ready for surgery. The molar on my right hand side is really out of line and i think will take quite some time to move. The molar on the left however, is nearly in the right position! Yay. The gap between my top and bottom teeth has increased slightly and now you can really see that the jaw is off center.
Will post some teeth photos soon.
For the moment, here is a pick from Saturday night with my gorgeous housemate Ailsa. Im quite happy with how easily the braces blend with the teeth in photos. Even if they didnt, i still would be smiling :)