The missing link

I have made an incredible scientific discovery!!!!!!!!!!!! I have found the missing link between humans and apes and its in the form of ME.
I had some OPG xrays completed yesterday and did i get a shock! I completely look like an ape face. Ha ha ha. Its pretty funny though.

Soooo update. My surgery is for May 4th so thats in 76 days. Im super super excited and just cant wait for all this to be over. At the moment at the orthodontist, he is shaving (yes literally shaving) my teeth to make them more square and hence, eliminating gaps like the one bewteen my front teeth. Its such a weird feeling having a little saw making gaps. Feels like your whole mouth is vibrating.
So now i have some power chains to pull me teeth together really fast and i will be going back to the ortho in 2 weeks for a repeat.

I also have another appointment with my surgeon in March so i will have more news then. Below is some xrays and updated photos. Enjoy!!!!! xxxx