Broken braces already!

Well what a week it has been. In Oz, it was Anzac week last weekend and so me and all my girls went down to Dunsborough for some girlie fun. Ended up somehow, breaking the last back brace on my bottom braces off. I think it might of happened when i was playing circle of death after having numerous absinthe shots. (cringe just thinking about that night). But after speaking with the ortho, it turned out he placed the bracket too low on my tooth and thats why it fell off. Yay, it wasnt my fault :)

But were all back on track now and i have my next ortho visit on the 20th May. Already my 4 front bottom teeth are looking straighter and are turning. I forget how fast teeth move when you have braces. In other news, me and my boy went hot air balloon riding over Northam which was fantastic. Recommend it to anyone if they are coming to Perth. I have added a few pics so you guys can see my awsome braces and some of the ballooning.
Talk soon :)