Victoria Bush Fires

Even though i live in Perth, the fires that are burning through Victoria are impacting everybody around the globe. Such terrible and horrific stories are emerging and photos that make you cry every hour. Tales of heros who risked everything to save a stranger, a loved one or an animal. No words can express the extreme terror and horror that those people had to endure. No words can express the feeling of loosing a loved one, a friend, a house and your livestock or pets. My heart goes out to everyone in Victoria. And i encourage people to please donate to both The Red Cross and Wildcare to ensure we care for both us humans and the animals who have suffered from this devestation.

Any donation counts. Please help

Orthodontist appointment

Ok it seems now that the splint the specialist was going to make is a waste of time. Apparently it will only provide a temporary relief to the problem and so we might as well go straight into the orthodontic treatment and surgery ASAP. Hence, my first appointment with the specialist ortho is this Friday. Friday the 13th i know, but i think nothing bad will happen :)
So im off to have a further 2 x-rays and await the appointment day. I feel pretty excited and nervous at the same time, but glad im finally getting this all sorted out. Ill post some face profile shots of me up soon so you can see the problem.
Talk soon

The Journey begins

Where should i start? First i say thank you for reading this blog and joining me on my long journey to dental success. My actual name is Lisa and im a consultant in WA, Australia. Ever since i can remember, i have had a cross bite and more recently obvious over the years, an under bite. It never really bothered me as i went about my school years and uni with no trouble at all. I found myself the most amazing bf and life is great. However, trouble started a few months ago.

As i have seen on many blogs, TMJ is a widely affecting problem with many maccolusions. When i close my mouth, only 4 teeth on my upper jaw connect with my bottom, causing strain and soreness in my TMJ joint. Hence, surgery will be required. YAY. Thats exactly what i wanted to hear. Ha ha. Having braces about 5 years ago, and now knowing that ill have to do it all again is a bad cause of de ja vu that i didnt really want.

So this is all i have to report at the moment. I go back to my TMJ specialist in a few weeks to get whats known as an ocular splint and then its back to the ortho to decide what to do next. Bye for now :)