Apologies.....i have been so busy

Hello everyone!!!!!!!

Im so sorry for being such a bad blogger. Things have been sooo hectic lately. Can you believe that i have only 22 days left until my surgery. I am really, really nervous. Time has flown by so quickly that im just so surprised how little time i have left.
Most of the time has been taken up with surgeon appointments, orthodontist appointments, anesthetist, blood donations etc etc. HECTIC!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well on their journeys. Its a long and tough road but im sure the results are going to be well worth it :)
Stay tuned :)


Makay said...

wow. haven't heard from you in a while! haha. congrats! You have come a long way, and it is almost here! YAY! ;)

post soon.


Matt said...

Don't let the nerves get to you too bad. Make sure you eat and sleep well before and after surgery. Ask them ahead of time if you can take Benadryl or something if you can't sleep before or after. Lack of sleep will make you go nuts with everything else that will be going on with your body.

Rita said...

Wonderful news! Time really does fly! From my experience, and a year later, I can say with confidence, you will love the results and be glad you had the surgery. You are going to do great!!! : ) Blessings!!

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Everything will work out great in the end. xxxx

Matt said...

We need an update! We worry you know :)

Lisa said...

Hay all.....update coming soon ok :) My gosh im looking different.

Matt said...

Um....still waiting....:)

Anonymous said...

Are you still there?

I just had my double jaw surgery 9 days ago.

If you're interested in following my recovery process, check out my blog, Vince's Maxillofacial Surgery.

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