Bad run of luck

It seems much of the time that i write in my blogs, i just bring bad news and whinge. My apologies ha ha ha. But im going to do it again. My work vehicle got broken into this morning and im furious!!!! My GPS, ipod, CD's, gift vouchers all got stolen and as its a company vehicle, were not sure if we can claim the personal items. Im so bummed right now and feel unsafe where i am. Luckily thou, my Dad has come to the rescue and has got me a brand new high tec alarm system for the house and carport so this wont happen again (touch wood). What kind of person does it takle to steal???? Dont they know how long and hard you have to work to get these things??? Whats wrong with the human race that were more willing to steal from each other then help? Its all beyond me.

In other news, i have posted up some more photos of my teeth as its has been a while. There is no significant changes since were just waiting for my back molars to move but i thought i would post them anyways :) You can really see in the photos that the midlines of my teeth dont line up and will need correcting. Also, my teeth at the bottom have been worn down in places cos of my underbite so they look uneven. Im getting really excited now for the surgery and cant wait for it to happen. Allot of you ortho bloggers are in the stages of surgery and its helping so much to read what your going through and how your coping. Good luck with your recoveries. xxx


stephanie said...

Sorry your car was broken into, that's terrible. Hopefully you can claim the items - what a shame to lose them.

Good luck!

Makay said...

Wow... I'm amazed at how your bite looks like mine!!! CRAZY! I can't wait for surgery either! I guess we will be going on the journey together. haha! I will keep you in my prayers! Good luck! :D

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